Like the Sun Loves the Moon
July 16th, 2018, 4:41 pm
It's no secret that I'm financially in a bind, but the thing is, it affects my time to draw.

For now, I have not been able to finish the next page, like I hoped I would have. I still have bills to pay for this month, and I'm approx 260 EURO short. This means, as I try to make ends meet, I will not be drawing.

And once I have that cleared off my table, I will have to get to my next patch of bills for next month, that come closet to a total of 1k.

I will draw when time allows me to.
Right now it's not. So the updates will be slow, but they will happen, when they happen.

Consider supporting through patreon, please, or use Kofi to donate. That's the only way I can get more time to draw.

Thank you for understanding. I hope to get a new page up soon.